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Body as a Weapon

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"Amazing how Sandra Kramerová conjures up all those socialist gender roles ★★★★

Her consistent performance in the minimal decor of the solo performance 'Majka' is impressive."

- Annette Embrechts, Volkskrant

"In the gripping choreography Majka, Sandra Kramerová goes in search of the 'ideal' manifestation of women in 1970s Czechoslovakia. The result is a direct confrontation with universal archetypes." - Karima Aissaoui, Theaterkrant

"Creating a character that makes you feel really involved as an audience, that's what dance maker Sandra Kramerová is very good at. Her solo performance Majka drags me along from the start. But it is precisely because she performs her choreography so strongly that I am left with the feeling that I am missing something. That is a wonderful experience." - Maarten Baanders, Cultuurpers

"In Majka the Slovak choreographer Sandra Kramerová gives a powerful twist to images of women from commercials and political propaganda." 

"Kramerová is now alone on stage, but thanks to a strong team in the wings, decor, video, light and sound form a convincing synthesis."

"Thanks to strong body control, timing and articulation, an image of a rather idiosyncratic type gradually emerges."  Jacq. Algra, Het Parool

"Sandra’s work is a bright light, a searing, physicalization of our contradictory lives."

- David Neumann,

American choreographer, director and performer 

“Sandra knows how to move me as a spectator with her powerful and energetic body language. She knows how to translate her personal motivation and inspiration into performances that carry a universal layer and thus tells stories that touch them. Her Eastern European heritage is tangible and guiding for her work and transcends cultural and social norms through dance performances and shows a wealth of human beings. ”

- Igor Vrebac, Bosnian / Dutch theater maker


Body as a Weapon among top 5 performances of 2020 by Het Parool

“From Sandra Kramerová I saw About dance, Fireflies and the end of the world as we know it and Body as a weapon. Both times I was very pleasantly struck by the great substantive eloquence of her work. In the international dance field of emerging makers like I got to know at festivals such as Something Raw, Spring, Batard (Brussels) and BMotion (Bassano, IT), great substantive aspirations are communicated in the performance descriptions, but the result on the floor remains hermetic.

Sandra is not bothered by that. The substantive aspect has a very prominent place, but she is able to handle it and to turn it into a visual and strong whole that really makes you think. With dance she manages to connect with a very broad need of the public to explain itself to the social phenomena of our environment, which for me indicates a special talent for making dance that is in demand. ”

- Tom Helmer, dramaturg Theater Bellevue

MAJKA photo by Sjoerd Derine4_edited.jpg

"I believe Sandra refracts ideas around themes of identity, power, and body within social and political contexts in a thought-provoking way and crafts them formally into structures that invite universal conversations that are today, for better or worse, exceptionally timely." - Pavel Zuštiak, Slovak / American choreographer