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Multimedia Conference 

Under the skin

September 6-10 2021: | Split, Croatia

September 23 2021: | CC Amstel

October 21  2021: | Alps Move


November 20, 21, 23 2021: |Theater de Generator

November 25 2 2021: | Maaspodium

December 2 2021: | CC Amstel

"Sandra’s work is a bright light, a searing, physicalization of our contradictory lives."

David Neumann (Advanced Beginner Group NY)

Body as a Weapon among top 5 performances of 2020 by Het Parool


"Discipline, perseverance, dedication - Kramerová shows and feels it convincingly."  Het Parool

"With the piece hovering between a tribute and a commentary, Kramerová does a good job at making us feel her simultaneous shame and joy."

 "The dominant thread of the piece, reinforcing the political value of the body, is precise and well crafted."  Movement Exposed

"I believe Sandra refracts ideas around themes of identity, power, and body within social and political contexts in a thought-provoking way and crafts them formally into structures that invite universal conversations that are today, for better or worse, exceptionally timely." Pavel Zuštiak

Reviews Body as a Weapon