Body as a Weapon (2020)

"Discipline, perseverance, dedication - Kramerová shows and feels it convincingly."  Jacq. Algra Het Parool

Body as a Weapon is a dance and multimedia solo which examines the cultural and historical context of Eastern European socialist propaganda and highlights the use of female body as a tool for political domination. Intense performance of precision, repetition and vulnerability, Body as a Weapon shows an intimate physical confession expressed through movement manipulation, text and video.


Choreography and performance: Sandra Kramerová Dramaturgy: Freek Duinhof

Music: Denisa Uherová

Video design & Visuals: Álvaro Congosto

Lighting Design & Visual effects: Boaz van den Ban

Pictures: Sjoerd Derine

Graphic Design: Dominika Kramerová

Performances: CC Amstel, Theater de Generator (NL) 2020, Rehearsal for Truth Festival (NY USA) 2022

Length: 35 minutes

Supported by Voordekunst and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kuns


Reviews:  Het Parool Movement Exposed

 "The dominant thread of the piece, reinforcing the political value of the body, is precise and well crafted."   Lucia Fernández-Santoro Movement Exposed