Weekly YOGA class schedule (N/A) 


The Conscious Club

7:00 & 8:15





19:00 & 20:30


The Conscious Club

9:00 & 10:45

Philosophy and background

As a 800-Hour certified Yoga teacher Sandra combines principles

of ancient philosophy with mindful and rigorous practice.


Sandra's interest and passion for Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, coupled with international experience in the field of dance, gives her an opportunity to approach Yoga philosophy with a sense of creativity and design private and group Yoga classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced practicioners.


Sandra's studies include 200-hour, 500-hour and 300-hour training at Yogea Artflow Center in New York encompassing Refining the art of flow, Bending contemporary Vinyasa for the modern mindset, Customized Yoga, Etheric anatomy, Physiology in context, Somatic Yoga, Functional medicine, Esoteric traditions, Lifestyle and nutrition and Yoga history and philosophy.

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