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An alien dance encounter with womanhood

"In the gripping choreography Majka, Sandra Kramerová goes in search of the 'ideal' manifestation of women in 1970s Czechoslovakia. The result is a direct confrontation with universal archetypes."

- Karima Aissaoui, Theaterkrant

Alien girl Majka is striving to become an emancipated Czechoslovak woman as she learns to embody feminine behavior from advertising, television and propaganda in the 1970’s Czechoslovakia.

In her childlike innocence, she finds roles that seem to contradict each other: the beautiful saint, the hard-working matriarch, fearless female citizen, and a celebrated heroine. Majka’s appearance transforms with her self realization and a study of womanhood turns into a statement. As images, objects and costumes take on new meaning, innocence converts into something dark and we see struggle between different cultural, social and personal female stereotypes, zooming into the differences and similarities between Eastern and Western European femininity.


Theater de Generator Production

Choreography and performance: Sandra Kramerová

Video Editor and Director: Álvaro Congosto
Lighting Design: Boaz van den Ban
Scenography: Sofie Moritz
Visuals: Boaz van den Ban, Andre Lima, Álvaro Congosto
Live Feed Operator: Álvaro Congosto
Sound composer: Denisa Uherová
Sound designers: Denisa Uherová & Álvaro Congosto
Additional sounds by: Nihilore, Suonho, FinalCrystine, aj_heels, Tyops, Rael Wissdorf, deleted_user_112280, Drakensson,

shimsewn, thatjeffcarter, Gregor Quendel, Moulaythami.
Production leader: Fayola Antonius

Artistic advice: Pavel Zuštiak, Ioana Tudor
PR & Marketing: Erik Groenewold , PR image: Jurre Verhoog

Special thanks to: Igor Vrebac and Mira Feticu

Performances: Theater de Generator, Maaspodium, CC Amstel, Kikker, Pleintheater, Evertshuis, Schuur, Concordia (NL), Nu Dance Fest, Malý Berlín (SR) 2021/2023

Length: 55 minutes

Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

Reviews:  Theaterkrant Volkskrant Cultuurpers & Het Parool


"Amazing how Sandra Kramerová conjures up all those socialist gender roles ★★★★

Her consistent performance in the minimal decor of the solo performance 'Majka' is impressive."

- Annette Embrechts, Volkskrant

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