An alien dance encounter with womanhood

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"In the gripping choreography Majka, Sandra Kramerová goes in search of the 'ideal' manifestation of women in 1970s Czechoslovakia. The result is a direct confrontation with universal archetypes."

- Karima Aissaoui, Theaterkrant

An alien girl Majka lands in 1970's Czechoslovakia. 
Can she learn how to become a woman from advertising, television and propaganda?


Theater de Generator Production

Choreography and performance: Sandra Kramerová

Video Editor and Director: Álvaro Congosto
Lighting Design: Boaz van den Ban
Scenography: Sofie Moritz
Visuals: Boaz van den Ban, Andre Lima, Álvaro Congosto
Live Feed Operator: Álvaro Congosto
Sound composer: Denisa Uherová
Sound designers: Denisa Uherová & Álvaro Congosto
Additional sounds by: Nihilore, Suonho, FinalCrystine, aj_heels, Tyops, Rael Wissdorf, deleted_user_112280, Drakensson, shimsewn, thatjeffcarter, Gregor Quendel, Moulaythami.
Production leader: Fayola Antonius

Artistic advice: Pavel Zuštiak, Ioana Tudor
PR & Marketing: Erik Groenewold , PR image: Jurre Verhoog

Special thanks to: Igor Vrebac and Mira Feticu

Performances: Theater de Generator, Maaspodium, CC Amstel, Kikker, Pleintheater, Evertshuis, Schuur (NL), Nu Dance Fest, Malý Berlín (SR) 2021/2022

Length: 55 minutes

Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst


Reviews:  Theaterkrant Volkskrant Cultuurpers & Het Parool

"Amazing how Sandra Kramerová conjures up all those socialist gender roles ★★★★

Her consistent performance in the minimal decor of the solo performance 'Majka' is impressive."

- Annette Embrechts, Volkskrant