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A dance strive for empowerment

“Let's imagine a world where there is only one ideal to follow, one value, one truth.
What if this truth is love?”

Dictatorship of love  is a contest of  lovability and endurance, where love is an order, an imposition, something both wanted and feared. It is a game, in which female participants both try to remain a part of the collective, yet allure "the leader".

Is the performance empowering or oppressive? Do the participants love or fear the leader?

A group of three dancers and ten local women take you on a journey through this oppressively lovable game. 


Theater de Generator Production

Choreography & concept: Sandra Kramerová

Performance: Inbal Abir, Candela Murillo, Mayke van Veldhuizen 

Workshop & choreography assistant: Anastasia Kostner
Music: Jon Lloyd

Lighting Design: Boaz van den Ban
Costume Design: Anouk van der Zee
Video footage: Álvaro Congosto
Production leader: Alejandra Zabala

Artistic advice: Pavel Zuštiak, Ioana Tudor, Igor Vrebac
PR & Marketing: Erik Groenewold

PR image: Domi Kramer

Pictures: Melanie Lemahieu


Premiere December 3 2022

Performances: Theater de Generator, CC Amstel, Pleintheater, Theater Kikker, Evertshuis, Podium Bloos, Pand P, Theater aan de Schiee (NL) 2022/2024

Length: 65 minutes

Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten,  Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Gemeente Leiden

Reviews:  Volkskrant 


"During Dictatorship of Love Sandra Kramerová succeeds in arousing the suggestion of a mass choreography ★★★★
The Love clearly splashes from the motor skills, smiles and proudly raised chins." 

- Annette Embrechts, Volkskrant

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