Dictatorship of Love (2022)

"No one will dictate to us who to love"

Let’s imagine a world without democracy. A world where there is only one ideal to follow, one value, one truth. What if this one truth is Love? Might we then like living under a Dictatorship of Love?

Dictatorship of Love is a group movement study about the power of female bodies in a crowd. It questions the impact of unison gestures demonstrated by a large number of women moving together (inspired by colossal parades in the socialist Czechoslovakia). How are our bodies triggered to gather and stand together, how can they express power, agreement or objection? Can movement speak louder than words and what happens when we move collectively as one?

Dictatorship of Love shows female bodies empowered and surrendered, pulled between propaganda and protest, democracy and dictatorship, love and survival. A crowded and intense experience where space and time percolate from the past into the present.


Theater de Generator Production

Choreography: Sandra Kramerová

Performance: Inbal Abir, Anastasia Kostner, Candela Murillo, Mayke van Veldhuizen

Workshop & choreography assistant: Anastasia Kostner
Music: Jon Lloyd

Lighting Design: Boaz van den Ban
Costume Design: Anouk van der Zee
Visual assistance & Video footage: Álvaro Congosto
Production leader: Alejandra Zabala

Artistic advice: Pavel Zuštiak, Ioana Tudor, Igor Vrebac
PR & Marketing: Erik Groenewold , PR image: Dominika Kramerová


Premiere December 3 2022

Performances: Theater de Generator, CC Amstel, Pleintheater, Theater Kikker, Evertshuis, Podium Bloos 

Length: 60 minutes

Supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten,  Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Gemeente Leiden

If you are a female movement enthusiast curious to take part in a collective dance experience and want to join Dictatorship of love performances, sign up for dance workshops here